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Diet fit for a King, Potatoes rich source of potassium necessary for cellular electric voltage, Carrots rich source of Carotenoids to help your eyesight, Yucca rich in their yield of electrons giving warmth and energy as they transfer from the digestion into your body's chemistry to catapult ATP production, your first line of defense against the energy decay called cancer.*

ATP is also called the "cellualr energy currency" or the cell's "molecular batteries"

* See Chemistry for the health Sciences page 323

Another interesting point is that the Numerical Mark of 5 and 10 is the pattern of energy in our foods.  This has been studied and somewhat proved, but appears to be undocumented by academic experiments, but  assured by the most famous Naturopath in Puerto Rico, Dr. Norman Gonzales

This Pattern studied and followed closely results in time in an increase of votage and electric power supplied to the reticular formation activating a greater number of brain cells so that instead of using only the standard 10-15 per cent or whatever the low amount is, you will tremendously increase the percentage as the voltage of the brain tissues itself increase so that cognitive reasoning skills and power are greatly facilitated.

Here is a link to show a Tomato

Pictures of making a 5 gallon tomato "grow bucket"

Outline of diet-program

What is really cool is that this pattern is derived straight from the Hebrew language itself in which it is embedded, 5 (he) which equals "Life", and 10 (yod) which means existence. These two letters together spell the Name which the Pslams tell us to "extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His Name Yah" 68:4, NKJV, Yah spelled Yod-He, is the first half of the Tetragrammaton. (yod the 10th letter =10, he the 5th letter = 5)

The number of sections in a fruit or petals on a flowering bud are an expression from the genes, a parellel reflection of the instruction set controlling and describing the molecular configuration which determines the resulting electro-polarity, if the reaction will absorb or release electrons. -Thought from inspiration

Fermentative energy does not yield enough ATP energy to make sufficient c-AMP to keep the cell from cancer.
Oxidative-reduction energy, used by higher life forms does produce enough ATP energy to make sufficient amounts of c-AMP to keep the cell from becoming cancerous.

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