ForexBrokerInc. My personal experience with this company.
By Andrew Richards.     *Posted 02-18-2013

Here is why ForexBrokerInc is important to American Forex Traders.

In the United States Forex traders have had to deal with discouraging CFTC rules which make it impossible to be sophisticated in a trading plan to be successful in extracting a required amount of pips to make a living. We are not here to play games. We want earnings we can live on. Here are the most Profit “retarding” CFTC rules: The First In First Out Rule (FIFO). Low Leverage such as 100:1 and the No Hedging rule.

Several Months ago when the Frank Dodd Reform Act became law American Forex (FX) traders were stranded and probably most of us no longer had the motivation to play the currency markets based on the new regulatory trading restrictions. Lets just be truthful. You can’t make livable income if you are a client of an American FX broker. There are just too many regulatory obstacles that you are up against.

After some diligent searching I came to ForexBrokerInc (FBI) and had a most positive experience. First of all I want to say I’m strictly talking about FBI's day to day customer service. I’m not talking about whether or not I’m a successful trader with good numbers which is every trader’s self and sole responsibility. If you can’t handle loss you don’t belong inside the FX arena.

The staff at FBI has always been helpful and has answered all questions and solved all my problems regarding the daily trading transactions. They have honest people under their employ making up their staff. The website is fairly simple and Deposits go thru almost near instantly. There are no applications of any of the CFTC rules. Hedging is allowed & NO margin is used on hedging. You are allowed to exit trades in any order which pleases you and the leverage is 500:1. This alone is a “Winning hand” to give you the advantage to gain all the profits you possibly can.

If you are not convinced about FBI then try opening two $100.00 dollar accounts. Open 1 account with a USA FX broker which you favor and open the other with ForexBrokerInc. Perform and execute the same transactions in both companies and carefully examine the profit potential between both MT4 platforms. In this experiment you would execute trades and compare the outcome against your margin when you maximally manipulated the leverage to 500:1 in the FBI account. In the next experiment you would execute trades and compare the outcome against your margin when the FIFO is in effect. Use the FIFO rule in the USA account and in the FBI account you would not use this rule. In the final experiment you would use the same method in regards to hedging but you would only use it on the FBI account and examine the financial results.

Finally, the FX arena is a jungle full of “lions and sharks” ready to cut you into two pieces. We should be focused on perfecting our trading skills not on contending with the Obama’s Dodd Frank Reform Act and CFTC regulations applied against American FX accounts. These people don’t want us making any profits. So the solution is to “DEFECT” to a company that wants your business. Such a company is

I encourage all to go to the FOREXBROKERINC website and examine what they have to offer. Good customer service, cutting edge technological tools and NO CFTC or FRANK DODD REFORM ACT rules to contend with.

***FOREXBROKERINC is the Forex Provider for the serious & motivated American FX trader***

Posted 02-18-2013